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Mike Grantham
Technical Director

Mike got his taste of the biz in his late teens and early twenties playing in a band. He was exposed to professional and semi-professional production elements such as sound reinforcement, studio recording, and budget lighting effects.  In the world of one thing leads to another, trading motorcycle repairs for labor, Mike would load PA gear in and out of clubs for local bands and drive truck for a local sound company. This quickly led to a basic knowledge of systems, which in turn led to a job with an audio company giving him a base skill set in audio engineering.  In the early nineties Mike embarked on several tours with an international recording artist mixing front of house audio which included performances in everything from small German pubs to the grand Royal Albert Hall in London.  Like most people building a career with a growing a family, he had a plethora of side jobs.  Sports production work with the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, mixing Sunday church services, community theater, sports broadcast work, and union stagehand work.

Looking to spend more time at home Mike took a job with a one stop shop local production company where he learned the grind of “one off” production including staging, audio, lighting, and even high school theatrical sets.  For 13 years Mike helped service a who’s who of entertainers at various stages of their careers. Servicing everything from Tony Bennett to Limp Bizkit in theaters, clubs, arenas, churches, open fields…Anywhere.  This was also where he got his first taste of production management.  In 2005 Mike took a job with BAV Services.  In the seven years at BAV he concentrated on the association side of corporate AV. This experience prepared him for his current position. In 2013 Mike took a job with InSync Production Services exploring even more facets of corporate AV production.  



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Matt Elliott
Technical Director

Matt began his career in the industry while working at a concert hall while an undergraduate student in Boston.  As a musician Matt started his path as an audio technician but was quickly drawn towards lighting in the live music atmosphere.  Within a short time he rose to become the house LD and enjoyed working with artists of all genres. 

After graduation he entered the corporate show industry as both LD and project manager in the San Francisco bay area.  During graduate school Matt returned to the freelance pool as an LD for corporate, theatrical, and musical events.  He graduated in 2006 and joined InSync Production Services as a full time lighting and technical director.  Since then he has enjoyed the company’s development from a small AV company into the broad based company we have become today.



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Kraig Brown
Technical Director

Kraig Brown is a 30-year veteran of the entertainment and live event industry.  A graduate of the University of Evansville Department of Theatre, he spent a couple of years in professional opera before moving to Los Angeles in 1999, where he worked as a lighting technician and gaffer for a variety of corporate, live event, trade show, television, and feature films.  After five years working on projects across the country and internationally, he began his relationship with Insync Production Services, and in 2006 signed on as a full-time technical coordinator and project manager.  Since then, he has overseen projects ranging from private automotive press releases to large multi-national corporate gatherings, while working in venues as varied as airplane hangars, private lodges, and outdoor parks, in addition to theatres, clubs, and ballrooms.




Rob Valenti
Technical Director

For more than 30 years, Rob has been working in the entertainment production industry and has held just about every position there is, including tour manager, production manager, stage manager and lighting designer. Rob started his rewarding career working the New York rock club scene when he was just 17 and by the time he was 21 he was tour managing his first concert tour. Since then, he has worked for a variety of iconic artists and bands from all genres of music. From pop to punk to rock, Rob has toured the world over and has looked after the show, in over 50 countries on five continents with acts like Queen and Adam Lambert, Beck, Goo Goo Dolls, Avril Lavigne, The Offspring, Jason Derulo and Wayne Kramer. In addition to concert touring, Rob has managed special events for some of the worlds biggest brands including FIFA World Cup, Honda Civic Tour, Kinect for Xbox 360 and T-Mobile.  In 2018, Rob joined the team at InSync Production Services as a project and production manager/TD.



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Adam Ogden
Technical Director

Adam began his career at the young age of 9 years old, working as a volunteer audio engineer for churches and city-wide festivals/events in Southeast Georgia.  From those humble beginnings, he moved into full-time production jobs, and completed his first audio install for a 800-seat brand new theater by the time he was 15 years old.  Since then, Adam has operated audio, lighting, and video systems in almost every aspect of live production, including corporate events, nonprofit, galas, awards shows, televised events, concerts, fashion shows, and more.  After an 8-year stint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino as the Director of Event Technology for Encore, Adam joined InSync Production Services in 2017.

In addition to being a Technical Director for InSync Production Services and their sister company, Any Venue Video, Adam also handles all of the Social Media accounts for both brands as well.



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Jarel Thompson
Show Lead

Jarel started his career in 2011 doing in-house AV for AVMS at the Lake Las Vegas resort area.  After cutting his teeth and learning the basics of corporate AV at AVMS, Jarel started with InSync Production Services in 2013 as a Production Assistant.  With a hunger to learn more, and an incredible work ethic, Jarel quickly worked his way up through the company, eventually becoming one of the lead LED Technicians for the company.  Jarel now works as a Show Lead/Project Manager for a variety of InSync Production Services shows.  In his (rather unfrequent) down time, Jarel enjoys working on tuner cars.



Valerie Williams
Operations Manager

Rob Domin
LED Lead

Rose Madamba
Officer Supervisor

Jennifer Sasaki
Controller / Accounting

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